Month: June 2014

Savannah Center, June 20th concert

Thanks to all who attended our concert on June 20th and made it a great experience for all of us in the band. This was our first opportunity to play with Phil Caltabellotta on the harmonica, and definitely won’t be the last. He is clearly a world-class player, and the audience responded accordingly with their enthusiastic support throughout the show. Then, to top it all off, we were joined by Billy Perbetsky on trumpet and Flugelhorn, an old friend of John Huber. Billy plays with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and has played with many others including Lawrence Welk. It really capped off a swinging show to hear his strong sound, and between Phil, Billy, John on Bass, Thomas Pizzi on piano and Jerry Bruno on drums, the band pushed out a lot of energy.

It’s always amazing to me (Thomas) how these shows always seem to come together and turn into such memorable events, because they start with such modest beginnings of doing simple songs we’ve known for many years, and usually without much in the way of fancy arrangements. Then I realize it’s the musicians who make them come alive by adding their personality, creativity and energy. I’ve always been impressed by someone who can take a simple song I’ve heard many times and turn it into something interesting, fresh and creative, which some would say is the essence of Jazz.

I’m quite proud to be on stage with the caliber of musicians that have been associated with this concert series. We’ve been doing these concerts for over a year now, and I’m pleased to report we’ve just been asked to extend the series to Dec. 2014. I look forward to the challenge of maintaining the high level of artistry and perhaps even raising the bar a bit! Thanks again for your support, and we hope to see you at the July 24th show. Our featured guest artist will be Valerie Gillespie on sax and vocals.